Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"

Poor Jared

I remember watching this 6-7 years ago.

Good times, man.

Fucken Love this

I was just happening to really get in to
this old school game, Recently,
And i see this i just

XD awesome

Great job!

Sound 10
Acting 10
Art 10


Quite confusing

I admit that this was a very strange thing to watch and to understand. I kept thinking that Jared sounded like South Park's Towelie. I have no idea why anything was happening, but I guess it did kind of make sense when you really thought about the Dig-Dug game. The alligator (your voice) sounds just like the title character of "Charlie The Unicorn". It was certainly unique in its own right. I guess I could recommend this, simply because the voices are great and it is pretty unpredictable.