Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"

funny xD

i voted it in to the cartoon collection

Dylawrence responds:

Thanks man! I put it into the video game collection myself, although, I wish I could've held off on submitting until I got better at animating... but I'm glad some people still like it!


i like the dig dug guy

Dylawrence responds:

I like Jared's watery eyes!


not very often i see a flash that i dont want to end great job.

Dylawrence responds:

Really? looking at it now... I think it's a little slow, but thanks anyway!

Pacman doesn't have a skeleton!

You fool, don't you remember? He melts into nothiness if hes killed.
While I'm ranting on about faults I may as well point out that Bush ain't president anymore. Obama is. A scene selection would also be nice, especially if it begins with the word sex! And just for the record... you made this look like the 3D movie maker demo in the creepy barbers shop. I saw how stupid bloody wanker robot warped through the ground. *GLITCH* *GLITCH* *GLITCH*...^%sorry... I was just..*GLITCH* *GLITCH*

Astounding Job, when will people figure it out. You don't need to parody something or steal refrences from something to make it funny...

Dylawrence responds:

Fuck you're right! I'm a piece of shit... I WISH I WAS DEAD!!! T4R :]


i love all of them too

Dylawrence responds:

T4R (Thanks for Reviewing)