Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"


Ever wonder how he does that with a bycicle pump?
It's one of the wierd things that wakes me up at night...

Dylawrence responds:

I was actually going to point that out... but couldn't think of a funny scenario, I also couldn't find the original music... so I just gave him loud steps... and I totally spaced the rocks and stuff... but thanks for reviewing!

Been a while since I've seen a video game parody

Very good dialogue.

Though the animation was a bit choppy overall.

I do appreciate the written script. Very funny.

Though I was kinda expecting more. It sorta ended abruptly.

Dylawrence responds:

I was really going for the "LOLWUT?" style ending

very nice

It was very nice and great voice acting, and making the sounds yourself, nicely done.

I remember watching this 6-7 years ago.

Good times, man.

Poor Jared