Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"

LOL Dig-Dug Gone Insane!! XD

Why didn't his bud save him, though?

Dylawrence responds:

Because he didn't do it in the game... plus, I couldn't come up with a more demented ending then Dug bathing in Jared's blood... T4R

I dig it!

Then I dug it some more.

Dylawrence responds:

Groovy! T4R!


i really liked it, really funny :)

Dylawrence responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much... thanks for your positivity!

almost perfect

i was just wondering how you could have missed a jacking off reference, it would have fit perfectly, having to pump real fast and everything, it looks like he's doing something else at first, you already showed him to be psychotic, so he wouldn't have any qualms about a jacking off motion

Dylawrence responds:

I almost made him do that motion in Jared's blood... but I thought it was pretty fucked up as it is, T4R!

that was good

the humor was spot on
it was a very funny piece
the images however (and you'll probably agree with me) looked very choppy and messy. If you work on making your piece look nicer, you'll go far here. Keep up the good stuff

Dylawrence responds:

I totally agree... I'm trying to animate better, but I should really learn how to draw better first... thanks for the tip, and T4R (thanks for reviewing)