Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"


dude that was fricken awesome lol i love all of your flashes!

Dylawrence responds:

Well I'm flattered, T4R!


love the dead pac man and osmambenlade or whatever the fucking guy name is
so yae make more
ps a frind of my is trying to make a vdieo to so if you can tell me ormy frind kas username is sonicfan423 ty and great job

Dylawrence responds:

Heheh, you're the first person to notice...
and I just sent you a fat PM about your friend,
T4R (Thanks for Reviewing)

in meamory of Jeared

were going to miss you Buddie.

Dylawrence responds:

Yeah... I tried to make him cute and innocent so it would be more tragic.

People are asking if he will be avenged... I smell a sequel!

Dude What Happend

Last Time I Watch This It Was Funny As Hell Now The Zoom In The Flash Got Mess up And All I See Is Sky Mountains Clouds And Voices Now Please Fix This Flash Cartoon Dude I Wanna Watch It Again!!!!

Dylawrence responds:

Oh what the fuck??? I must've uploaded the wrong file, thanks for catching that dude... I just altered the sound, and the Gif. so it would look more clean...

It should return back to normal by tomorrow! Sorry about that man!


Sounds too much like the conscience from blockhead.

Other than that. Good humour, decent animation. Not much to improve on.

Dylawrence responds:

I never looked at it like that! It surprisingly does... I tried to make him sound like Carl from ATHF. and thanks for the positive review!