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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

I love it!!

Just as I love all your other I- Games, it simply rocks. Continue with this type of games, they are really good!!
Good Job!


Call me a crap gamer, but I've tried various angles to beat this game but it's just not happening. I tried not buying any homers which keep you in the air, way way way up in the air, and tried not buying any miners which keep you up when you want to be down, no such luck.

It's very well made, an amazing step up from the last, but on the last level before I said "fuck it" I had a combo of 76 and had not touched the ground since starting and when i hit the ground with little fuel, the exp bar didn't fill up all the way and I blew up before I could get an more.


when i was playing the first one of this sequel i couldnt find something to be improved. i was wrong after all. GREAT


nice remake! My fav indistructoTank ever! Level 10 is really hard though. It seems harder to get combos than in indistruc2tank.


this game is wery desctrutive!!!XD