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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."


Great gmae, much like the others it is very addictive.

Love it

its jus so fun

awesome game

i love these games man.. but like the laughter said the most i can do is a lil over a 50 combo.. i think u should have less gas but while in the air lose 0.. or jus lose it more slowy while in the air..

Same formula, with thr same problem.

Once again, this game has the same issue as the first and second Indestrucotank. While in the air, no gas should be lost, making combo making much easier. I had a 47 combo going, and I had to stop becuase my fuel was low.


OMG!!! The graphics were awesome, the gameplay addicting!!!!! This game is indiscreptible, its... awesome i think this is better than the 2 last ones!!! omg