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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

I still love it...

I loved the Previous game and i love this.
Just one point irritates me.
You shouldn't explode if you run out of fuel in mid-air. you should do it when you land if your last combo does not yield a level up.
Many time i've found myself exploding while stacking up a huge combo.
It's frustrating.

On a less important point... why the small size?


An excellent update to a brilliant series. Not much more I can say than that.

9/10 - 4/5 (It's not nearly as cool as the original, simply becasue the original is the original, yet It's still awesome.)


I got pretty far but always endded up losing all my fuel, you sould have done fuel bonuses or somthing like power ups


Add a mute button and improve the homing ones and you got a ten.

But, as it is the music gets annoying and homing missiles are more of a hindrance than a help later in the game because you'll try to land on top of something and one of the homer's missiles will shoot you away from it. I don't know if that's supposed to be a part of the game or not, but you should at least make them dodgeable.

Other than that it's an amazing game, very unique. Keep it up!

boom explosive stuffz! DIE EVUL HELICOPTERS!

dont mind the title i just want your attention XD

This version s so much better then the first one you made ^^ however there are some problems and suggestions i have to announce:

Lets start with the fuel everyone complains about (including me): it doesn't seem to be very little near the beginning, but near the end I can't seem to get enough experience, even though i get a non-stop combo! this also brings me to my next point:

combo EXP: the EXP for high combos is really underbalanced! let me show you:

1 combo = 11 points
2 combo = 23 points
3 combo = 35 points
4 combo = 47 points

it appears that the formula here is: exp=combox11 + previouscombo
now lets fill it in for a 10 combo vs. 10x 1 combo

10x 1 combo = 110
10 combo = 10x11+9 = 119

seriously WTF!? only 9 exp more for a 10 combo? now vs. a 50 combo

50x 1 combo = 550
50 combo = 50x11+49 = 599

only 49 extra exp while 50 combo's actually are frickin long! i would like to suggest a new formula:


then it would be

1 combo: 10,4 (could be rounded to 10)
2 combo: 21,6 (could be rounded to 22)
5 combo: 60
10 combo: 140
20 combo: 360
50 combo: 1500
75 combo: 3000

then you really get a reward for uber combos! maybe keep the old formula for a hard mode, but that's just a suggestion.

Bouncing physics: with the bouncing bomb, its pretty weird when its thrown from almost touching the ground, and bouncing 2 times higher then the drop point, and bouncing exactely the same height as when dropped from the top of the screen or higher =/ maybe you could implement here or the next version proper physics for bouncing bombs!

Aircraft: why is every aircraft only carrying one bomb/missile? i liked the first version because aircraft could have multiple missiles! also, i would like to suggest some new aircraft: The a-10 thunderbolt wil strafe you with machine guns pushing you away as the laser from IT2 did, and then launching some unguided rockets, and the carpet bomber would throw alot of bombs, and is a slow large aircraft, but it can withstand 3 indestructotank hits, because aircraft needing multiple hits to be destroyed would be very cool, as well as different maximum frequencies, like the carpet bomber's max should be 3 or so.

I hope you like my suggestions, and you will fix some unbalancedness and bugs in the game ^^ can't wait to see more of this stuff!