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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."


i got 25 combo, but like somebody said earlier....it needs like a siren or alarm so u can know when ur running out of gas

its alright

Kinda simple, but fun. i like being blown up by bombs and not dying

I enjoyed this game

It was amazing, besides the fact that you had to blast your way up and through, you got upgrades and such which made this game a fun experience. I never played a game like this before. Seriously, I never tried a game like, this, it was sooooo fun and killed some time.

Great GAME!!!

I liked a lot this game but... PLEASE ADD A MUTE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after a while u get tired of that music. Other than that: greta job


great game, addictingly simple gameplay and a great way to waste time at the office when your watching the clock