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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

Great Stuff, man!

After the annoying art style revamp in the sequel, its good to see the old tank return. I loved the graphics in this, really smooth, pseudo-realistic sorta thing. Really fun game too. No complicated intros, no story, just a fun, silly coffee break style game.

Very difficult

I have been trying to beat this for a long, long time now and I haven't. In fact, I have every medal except beating the normal version. I even figured out how much experience you get per combo (.2x^2 + 11x) so I could figure out when it's ok to start searching for the ground, and I still explode every time before I get there. In more than one case, I never hit the ground, chained large combos, and lost anyway because there just wasn't enough time. It's not fair.

Great game but...

i find it rather pissy when you get really close to the end and there is moments when there are a ton of planes and then none and then a ton of planes and then none and then a ton of... you get the idea. This ends up making u lose and pisses you right off then u gotta start all over again and can make it difficult to get chain champ... unlees your at unlimited fuel of course. That my friend is my only complaint except i would like the map to be wider for more manuevering space and then to help out on the 90 foot medal maybe make the planes go higher.

So overall great game just needs a few tweaks.

Very fun

That was really great. Everything looked and sounded good.

Only complaint though would be that I'm stil losing fuel when I'm in the air which isn't very nice lol

Other than that, very awesome game!


You really have to get this up on Wii Ware someday, man! It's earn money BIG TIME there.