Reviews for "Hitman Quiz"


Cool game, good questions, i like it, its really cool.

I got 125.

mrty responds:

Thanks for the 10 man!!! And you must be familiar with Hitman in order to score a "Not Bad" ranking.


I don't know absolutly anything about Hitman but I found this very fun and enjoyable good job!

mrty responds:

Thanks for the 9! And if you didn't play Hitman before, i suggest you to play it! It's a stealth game a bit like Splinter Cell but much different.

Its Cool

Yeah the game is cool...its kinda hard for me since i only played Blood Money =\ but its nice...the music was nice and everything =)

mrty responds:

hell thanks! even if u only played Blood Money you must be at least somehow familiar with Hitman.

terrible mistake

you can right click and go past questions, whitch kills it. fix it by putting this code on the first page.
var menu:ContextMenu=new ContextMenu();

mrty responds:

hey i fixed it! thanks. i was going to tell you in a PM but looks like you blocked me for some veery UNKNOWN reason... >:(

Nice quiz!

This hitman quiz is really good!! the pictures and the songs were excellent!! I hope to see another of this type of quiz!! keep it up with the good work!! 5/5 10/10

mrty responds:

Hell yeah thanks man! xD