Reviews for "Hitman Quiz"

it was good. got 205

u have to of played either contracts or coddname 47 games to get a good s ore

mrty responds:

Codename 47 is more guranteed. :) Thanks for the review.

It wasn't bad

I Liked it alot, despite the fact that I only got 3 right!

mrty responds:

Keep trying, you'll get the hang of it! ;)


hitman is my favourite game

mrty responds:

Yeah, but... Next time you review a game, talk about the game. It's more like you are reviewing Hitman rather than reviewing this quiz :P
Oh and, thanks for the 10 mate :)

oh, cool!

i used to be in love with the Hitman series. Ive played three of the games, saw the movie, and started the book (although i have yet to finish it, lol) and he's my computer wallpaper right now! Theres a couple things i dont know about the story though. Cant wait until they make another game. ANYWAYS.. this game was cool, i had fun. good job =)

mrty responds:

There is a Hitman book?? What's the title? Please PM me!

I'm huge fan of Hitman too. Glad you had fun with this game.

47 IS a friend of mine.355 pts.

hitman is the best game series in the whole fucking world
and mars, let's not forget mars
if u got something wrong or need nmore points just right-click and select "back"
thats how you get a billion points

mrty responds:

Well, thanks. I didn't know you could actually cheat that way. I will find a way to take care of it. And, if 335 is actually YOUR score, not computer's, then congrats.