Reviews for "Hitman Quiz"

not bad

i kinda liked it

mrty responds:

Umm did you play Hitman? You should, so you can play this game.


...me noticia beating Codename 47 madero me get a 295 :(
I loved it!

mrty responds:

Sssh! No spoiling! Anyway, glad you liked the game.

heh cool

LOL i've never played hitman

lol your really good at flash
you should make another one


thanks for telling me about this it showed me what ive been missing :D

im going to buy the game right now!!!!!!!

mrty responds:

dude they made the first game in 1999 it's improbable for you to find it, but search on the internet and i'm sure you will find results ;)

pretty good

not bad at all.
good music and fun . My score was 125.
I think that you should make one but with questions from all of them. Or maybe one with questions from 2 and one with questions from 3 and so on. My score was low because i haven't played the 1st one.

Music and Pics - 4
Fun - 3

Overall - 7/10