Reviews for "Hitman Quiz"

good quiz

I love Hitman games i played all and got Silent Assasin rating on every level and saw the movie XD ... waiting on new game and hitman the movie 2.

mrty responds:

Good to find another Hitman fan and thanks for the review ;)


But i've just played Codename 47 & Blood Money so didn't answer all :P The questions were quite easy, up to hard difficulity, but as you said, people probably don't remember questions as they played older Hitman games a long time ago.

PS. (I've remembered everything from '47 :) )

mrty responds:

Wow, glad to meet someone who remembers!

Thanks for the review ;)

wat is codename 47

i have doun 1 2 and bood

mrty responds:

Uhh what?

hard quiz.

but its the hitman game i really hate, so maybe thats my fault.

mrty responds:

Your real fault was to review the game as a hard quiz without even playing the game. Thanks for the 8 anyway :).


I'm a really big fan of the series but this quiz made me feel like I knew nothing!

I'll have to play through them all again and then give it another go. :)

mrty responds:

Yeah, it was too late when i realised my game was a bit cruel. The first game came out in 1999, now we are in 2008 so nobody probably remembers anything about the game!
Thanks for the review...and the 10 :)