Reviews for "Hitman Quiz"

I rank this as 'Silent Assassin'..

A great quiz, brings back memories from Hitman: CodeName: 47 and Contracts. Hope you make the sequel..

mrty responds:

YAAAY Thanks!

Very good!

I enjoyed this quiz, good questions that only a fan would know.
Looping needed fixed though.

My score:
325. Surprising enough. o.o

mrty responds:

Wooow the highest rank!!! I have seen u around NG before, and i hoped you enjoyed it. Looks like you did! Thanks for the 10!



mrty responds:

hehe not bad, the max score is 345

its good

its really good and ive played all the hitman games but it was just a little hard

I liked it, but...

...you should have included questions from other games, as most of the questions were from the game I hadnt played, there were only a few I didnt guess.

Also, the music loop needs to be fixed. But apart from that, nice quiz!

mrty responds:

I'm thinking of a sequel that will contain questions about other games. Sorry i forgot to mention that!