Reviews for "Hitman Quiz"

hard quiz.

but its the hitman game i really hate, so maybe thats my fault.

mrty responds:

Your real fault was to review the game as a hard quiz without even playing the game. Thanks for the 8 anyway :).

pretty good

not bad at all.
good music and fun . My score was 125.
I think that you should make one but with questions from all of them. Or maybe one with questions from 2 and one with questions from 3 and so on. My score was low because i haven't played the 1st one.

Music and Pics - 4
Fun - 3

Overall - 7/10

terrible mistake

you can right click and go past questions, whitch kills it. fix it by putting this code on the first page.
var menu:ContextMenu=new ContextMenu();

mrty responds:

hey i fixed it! thanks. i was going to tell you in a PM but looks like you blocked me for some veery UNKNOWN reason... >:(

not good

this is not funy not cool its a crapy game work more next time

mrty responds:

Why does it have to be funny?
Why is it crappy?

Plz answer these.

ok i did all of these right but i got -120 BULLSHIT