Reviews for "Get a Life"

phone glitch

i click phone 10009000000 times for all girlz ;D


It's an Okay game, though it's very plain.. and too easy, you can't actually talk to your lover and you dont have many options when it comes to interacting.. if there were more options for interaction this game would be a lot better.

Nice concept

I really like all of the options with careers and the different skills to build up. This makes it more interesting than a lot of other dating sims. However, the game lacks in options when it comes to actually talking to potential 'lovers' and I was quite dissapointed when I realised that after falling in love you cannot do anything with your partner. It would be nice if you could add in dating options or consequences for multiple lovers.

not fun

To complex cant do anything right or the place is closed.


The game seems broken, it doesn't ever end no matter what kind of relationships you have, etc.