Reviews for "Get a Life"

Not bad

i got lvl 5 with a girl says true love but you cant do nothing together but great game 10/10


I really like the game, but there seem to be some errors.

I was talking on the phone with 20AP, and then it started to go into the negatives. When I went to sleep, it reset, but it was still a glitch.

Also, I managed to get every guy to be ranked as 'True Love', but it still says under reputation that "Few have heard of you."

Other than that, good game!


I found a cure to cancer. Yay me...I wanted to marry Wade. >_>;;

cool glitch

if you get a girl to phoning level go down to 20 ap without being hunrgry and phone multiple times you should get into negatives. Once you hit those you don't have to sleep or nap or it will reset the negatives. It is not a bad thing it's just well... makes the game so easy to beat. cool game. it was a slight bit ( and i mean REALLY) slight bit repetitive at points. but besides that. it wasn't half bad. pretty damn good.

Save button?

i liked it, its different from your normal games, but this is cool
But it would have be better with a save button and a mute button?