Reviews for "Get a Life"

this game is fine, i got a true love but i can't do more and he/she will only say "i love you"
i know the technique but is too hard to find the real soulmate (i played as Alice but i could not find Wade)

bobby needs a help for get a life that's a good ideal for valentine's day

love it!!!!!!!!

love this game make it like sims i would play it everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

good job

where is the sequal to this game i would love to see it please PM me or respond to this review

best life sim I've ever seen on Newgrounds

of all of the life simulators I've seen on Newgrounds, this is quite possibly the most entailed. the fact that I've never seen this before shows me how underrated this game is.
the options available to you as a player are deeper than almost any flash game I've ever played.
thank you for making such a gem available to the players lucky enough to find this.