Reviews for "Get a Life"

XD, those 5 girls love me :P

XD, the first was vannesa, lol... well, is a crazy game... after she love me what is next??

Has potential but needs a lot more.

What am I missing? Done what was supposed to, triggered that bug, phoning a girl enough times to go in the negatives, kept clicking on Cook in the work section to get all the money I would need, tried everything, got True love with all the girls, got "Angry at you" with all except the last with no way to fix (or prevent) that, got that successful screen and this seems to be all.

It's good but..

It just never seems to end.. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, I don't think so though..

Johnnybdesign responds:

You're right. It's an open-ended game. Like the Sims.
But you should be able to trigger a "congratulations" screen under certain circumstances.
Try develop your character more.

heres a cheat

once u get a phone # just call it till ur in the negative AP and then u have infinte Exitement and AP

Nice change of pace

Having played most of these types of games it was nice to have an open ended game to allow me to do more. That said the opened nature and lack of any real info can be a little frustrating too.
In my case, I would get one or more of the women in love with me but then they became angry and nothing seemed to help. So it would be nice to know what caused the anger and/or how to clear it up. Also an idea of what you are heading towards would help too... as my first game suddenly ended with you have achieved some art goal (I think, I clicked it off too fast by mistake, and yet cooking and singing were my highest skills). So not knowing what would trigger a victory is a littleoff-putting also.
So in general very nice change of pace, but a little more info or at least a help in some areas would be welcome.