Reviews for "Get a Life"


How do u get sum1 2 marry u? Idk how 2. The Todd guy says he luvs me and its tru luv, and i got him a ring and everything! How do we get married??

cool endings

I like the several possible endings you can get. So far I cured cancer, found true love and became a rock star. The only problems I could find were the "angry at you" that seemed to appear out of nowhere and could not be changed for the rest of the game and teh fact that the game cannot be saved.


I beat the game by finding a cure for cancer... interesting :D

Great game...

Pretty fun though, only if the game can be saved, it'll be much better. Great game :)

I got that Alex guy to love me :P

Fun game... something to do when you're bored ^_^
I just wish you could save your progress...