Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"


sounds like the original but is obviously not just a copy

i didn't remember that you have made this ^^

but because of my darn stupid umm...where the voise comes out of your computer :D (darn i forgot what it was in english) i can't hear this pretty loud so i'l just vote 5 and hope that it is just as good as it seems like...

Kudos, man. Kudos.

The fact that you sprained your thumb severely and then kept pushing yourself to come up with this awesome rendition? Heck, that deserves some serious compliments all on it's own, but I'll just stick to the traditional "This music is so awesome and I'd love to hear more" bit.

5/5'd, 10/10'd, download'd.


The original was mah favorite song of all time, now THIS is!


Iv'e been waiting for this one for a while now awesome job! keep up the good work!