Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"

3 words

kirby64 remix's rock... keep on making more man


*le me playing Xbox* boss fight? turn on this song! epic scene? turn on this song! just wanna hear the best remixes of my favorite video game song?... well, you get it :D
I heard this in Xionic Madness and knew I'd be giving it an instant 5/5, 1010, and downloading it. I can still feel the same kind of sorrowful undertones that the original held, (something NO OTHER REMIX has done for me) even though I first saw it with a fast-paced fight scene and it worked perfectly. congrats, you have perfected this awesome (though sadly overplayed) song.

if only

this was played while fighting 02
i love ALL versions of 02's theme but this one,
this one is by far the best one iv heard!

Jesus oO

you are a god of music, seriously, you know that ? this song is amazing and give me the feeling that i am on a battlefield during an epic bttale just like in xionic madness part 2 ;)

Extreme madness

this song is god like dude it works well as a final battle theme in xionic madness 4 part 2 make more of these dude im sure they will be great