Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"

geat song

I rate it 1000

Just one word: EPIC

First time heard this was in Xionic madness 4.2, when Kary unlocks all her power... And made me feel like I had to have the song. AWESOME WORK!!!!!!!! KEEP UP!!!!!

You Sir!

Deserve a higher rating than 10 Stars!


Holy Shit, this song is Epic as freakin' Hell! This is going on my favs list for DAMN sure man! Keep up the awesome work, and amazing job w/ this epic masterpiece!


P.S. This song goes perfectly for that 1 scene in Xionic Madness eps. 4 prt 2 when Kary unlocks her powers to full.


10\10 5\5 nothing more to say...