Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"


i think i found i new drug...and it called AWESOME!!!
great job on this man. with your permission i would like to use this in a upcoming flash im making.

Dark... Then sparkly... and then... METAL

1st listen: Hmm... it sounds dark... very dark :D I lo... sparkly? Lol it's like glitters are fal... METAL!!!! OMFG I LOVE DAT GUITAR MELODY!

~Reads the author comments~ Whoa done with an (almost) broken thumb?! Hell of a job dude, Thumb(s?) up!

2nd listen: Yeah this is that amazing intro. Woo the guitars should kick in about NOW... no... NOW! YEAH! ooh 2:20, Awesome guitar comin' up!

136th listen: Addicted.... but totally worth it!

Awesome Job, as usual!

Another amazing remix. I actually prefer your version to the original. Well done!


good remix if i make a game this is gonna be the final boss theme!!!!!

An awesome remix of an awesome boss fight.

Zero two was way creepy for a child game, i don't often see an angel open it's mouth to spit a blood-red eye that cries out blood when you attack it very often.
10/10 and 5/5.