Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"

Rockin Remix

Gotta be honest, you did a great job making a remix. this can fit in with a final battle scene, quite similar to what xionico made. hope you make more as epic as this one


Xionic madness makes this the most epic song i heard It still is epic if i havent heard it in xionic madness xionic madness just makes this that much more epic

TheJonnyDeath responds:

He did indeed use it extremely well. :)


Just like the final battle in the game. ZeroTwo was just freaking weird and horribly nightmare fueled as well. Very well done remake though. The guitar sounds incredible and I love it a lot too. The bass is good and holds a nice line. The drums and keyboards make a nice combination of hope and give you the strength and courage to finish that ugly thing once and for all.

Great times I had playing that game. This tune is just incredibly awesome and reminds me of how hard that thing was. Next hardest thing was the Nightmare Wizard from Nightmare in Dreamland. Incredible work here!!

Overall, awesome and the keyboard solo was awesome. \m/

Nobuo Uematsu called...

He wants his Black Mages band back ^_^

never played the game

but i've always liked this theme so much!! you again still rock!