Reviews for "Turbo Slurpee Warriors"

hated it

it was probly just me but i thought it was awful....it wasnt funny and the voices were completely annoying....especially the black slurpee and the cowboy slurpee....the only reason im not going to give this flash a 0 is because it was kind of original i guess...

How much did 7/11 pay you?

I'll be darned if they didn't/ Great flash! Seriously funny.

Very Original

And very creative. I think it was pretty funny how you were not only able to spoof the 7 Eleven, but also made it relate to what is probably a common cycle in 7 Eleven. Very funny, especially the blue guys outburst at the end. BTW, you made we want a Slurpee and Pretzel now.


this was wicked creative and funny

that was clever

"we're making people fat"