Reviews for "Turbo Slurpee Warriors"


The last line is a killer! "FUCK!' haha. it was a good animation but there was a lapse in time. The pretzel sez that the baseball team will be done soon... then it takes hours to get the mustard there....?
But Good Work! Great flash!

Gobolatula responds:

And THAT'S how you write a cartoon.


It was good, I actually liked it, but still my opinion stand with Erik the Juiceman, continuing that series would've been a lot better. But still this is a review so I guess I must get reviewing. It looked good, and some of the jokes were funny, although the humor wasn't that great. The originality is good, It hasn't been done before, and the pretzel thing was a decent plot for a decent cartoon. I give you a seven because you've done some great work, and I hope you continue to do so. (Although this series i'd rather not be continued...)

Gobolatula responds:

Erik the Juiceman will be continuing.

i wonder who called the number

in the movie That was pretty cheezy to the end then i loved it there was so much product placements in that lol way to go I loved it and that phone number probably is real but who knows


Fuck is what made most of tht tolerable...im not saying it was bad, but that i hate slushies...so go own


it was about a seven until, about...the last two lines
now it's a 10/10
most of the time, i was thinking that this was just a huuuuge add for Seven11...
but...you know...it kinda cancels out :P
good job, well animated, good voices...
keep it up