Reviews for "Turbo Slurpee Warriors"


I love the product placement, and just the whole sarcastic humor used, it was awesome. But... who eats mustard on a pretzel?

A little Cheezy

It was a little cheezy, but I liked the end. It makes up for the cheezyness.

I dont get it...

Where did all this take place? What were they trying to get for the pretzel?

Gobolatula responds:

The beginning took place at the Turbo Slurpee Warriors Turbo Secret Lair in Mount Rushmore. They received a signal that indicated that the pretzels in 711 no longer had mustard packets to accompany them on their journey through kids' digestive systems. So They took the Slurpee Mobile to 711 and they stood there brainstorming. They called 1-800-MUSTARD and got some mustard for their pretzel buddy. Afterwards, they headed back to the Turbo Secret Lair to congratulate each other on a job well done. However, all was not well. The FDA determined that 711 was selling food that was bad for kids. The End......? Yes. The end.

Ah HA!

How much did 7'Eleven pay you for this? Good movie, haha - the blue and white Slurpee guy looks like Frylock without the goatee.

Gobolatula responds:

711 Payed me a total of $0. There's a disclaimer in the credits.


the only reasons im giving this a ten are because i love 711,the random advertisements, and where the blue slushee at the end screams ''FUCK''. other than that it was boring and the nerdy guy was annoying and i thought u might have a couple uv cooler slushee caracters (wink wink nudge nudge ya no wat im saying?)