Reviews for "Turbo Slurpee Warriors"

Funny stuff

I wasn't too amused at first. The obvious ad speeches were funny until they became repetative.

Then the final message was given and the blue slurpy on the right give his one-worded opinion in it.

I couldn't help but snort into my can of soda.


Haha! This really merits its front page appearance. Animation-Great, Sound-Greater, Plotline-Even Greater, Fuck at the end- Greatest.
Keep it going, this one surely goes to my favorites! 5/5!


That was hilarious. I thought it was some weird, psychological mindgame ad to make people buy stuff until the end... That was great.


if you buy a hotdog you get another one for free if you pay for it

too good


all im saying is im think he watches athf and that this is a direct result