Reviews for "Turbo Slurpee Warriors"

It gave me a laugh

I liked the face on the red/white/blue slurpee, very well drawn. It was all well drawn actually, and the story was okay.


that was seriously way way way funny. holy crap that was good. hats off.

i was busting up with mt. rushmore with a slurpee on it. freaking genious. and the theme song. judas preist. brilliant. i love it.

i'm going to watch it again.

Gobolatula responds:

Did I unknowingly rip off Judas Priest? Oh fuck.

It was okay

Let me just say that this flash contained no big conflict. Finding mustard is about as intense as deciding what you want to eat for breakfast. The plot moved very slow to the point where the flash was borderline boring. Plus the commercials for 711 stopped being funny after about 30 seconds, but i enjoyed the little joke at the very end. Other than the plot, I really enjoyed this flash. I liked your style and the voices. You have real potential. 4/5 becuase of the art work and flash.

ummm mastershake anyone???

the whole time it reminded me of mastershake from aqua teen hunger force, lol i loved your sence of humor so for that u got and 9 and a 4 from me keep it up

Gobolatula responds:

If Master Shake was in this cartoon, it would actually be a good cartoon.


All i have to say is keep working at it, mabye some less Cheesy moents would help.