Reviews for "Turbo Slurpee Warriors"


This was so stupid, but in a good way! I love these types of movies!

Saturday moring as a wee lad

It's like you took captain planet, power rangers, and GI Joe in a pot with a hint of secret ingredient, CHEMICAL 7/11. And thus the Turbo Slurpee's were born!

omg that was amazing

Dude, i can so see that on [Adult Swim] - *zoom in* where you can watch shows like aqua teen hunger force, 12 oz mouse, and Harvey birdman Every Night starting at 11!!
nice job!

I lol`d! :D

Superb voice acting! 10 of 10! ;)

Pretty funny.

But I'm confused as to if this was a flash cartoon. Or a 7/11 commercial.

Gobolatula responds:

Well it's definitely a flash cartoon.