Reviews for "End of the Row"


you're great at animating, you still have alot of room for improvement tho :) i liked your original camera angles, they were really inmersive. i cant believe this has a lower score than those stupid videogame parodies, THIS is the kind of material that should be on the top 50 of all time!

this is going to my favourites :D keep the great work!


hey! oh, i loved this one!
i especially liked the part where it shows the MAT1308 book getting cobwebs and shit as he parties-- that one was a particularly nice touch.
also, the view where the baby's laughing and touching the glass? superb.
this flash reminded me of a certain something, mostly that i have two exams tomorrow and i don't study i will fail like that boy just did (in his dream).


this movie was really cool the characterlearned a lesson all beacouse of a bad dream


at the end i thought to myself "hehe, good boy" xP

Very Nice!

I liked it a lot, very entertaining and funny at times. Animation, graphics, audio all good. Can't wait to see more.