Reviews for "End of the Row"

This was extremely good...

I loved this animation, and i could totally relate to it because i tend to be quite the slacker. I enjoyed the style as well, and was particularly fond of the absence of dialog. The animation was very well done and fluid as well.

Overall this was a very good peice of work, and i hope you received quite the grade on it.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thanks, yeah it didnt need much of a script to tell the story so I decided early to not have much dialouge at all. I did get a good grade =).

That was good!

Good lesson, maybe you should make it in to a book!

That was good.

That was pretty good, I enjoyed it. It had a nice lesson, and it was overall kinda funny. Maybe i'm just soft, but that was good. Too bad you didn;t get too graphic with the bed scene... LOL KIDDING.




awesome flash animation dude!!! i frikkin loved it!