Reviews for "End of the Row"


Pretty cool. If that happened to me i would definetly study more.

Great! Ten stars!

The animation was well done, then about the story, seriously cool!

Something new, finally on newgrounds. Kinda shows the evolution of great art in animation here. ^^


I watched this as I was procrastinating from studying for a test of mine. Then it inspired me to finally suck it up and prepare for that test. I think I can honestly say this is the first time something on Newgrounds has inspired me to study. So um... thanks.

u r ... a genius

XD..... btw wens nox prt 2 comin?

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Well I never got around to beginning the second episode so now since my skills are a bit better I plan to start concept design and story design as i never really had a definate storyline in my head, i will post any new concepts in my user page as i go. Thanks for keeping interest =D.


Youve Got Talent... that is amazing. i love the story, the art is immence, especialy the light, i love the use of personification on those chairs, the actual animation itself is very smooth , you transmitted the emotions very well, the sound is perfect.
Love to see more of your work, Favourited Artist! I ASPIRE!