Reviews for "End of the Row"

So I guessed he passed, huh? Would've been nice with just a quick glimpse into the future at the end, skipping through the scenes he dreaemed and seeing how they would have been different.

Overall this was a beautiul animation. Everything is drawn from interesting angles, like through the car window with the baby when he wants to cross the street, and from so many different perspectives at the same time. It also takes up a lot of elements from real life in abstract form, like how the chair just eats him up, stepping on pizza, being late. I like the transition where the screen focuses on the book and you see how bottles and other shit just piles up in front of it. I thought the random end to the dream would be the end of the story, since, well, NG is random, but it was much better than that! I should probably be studying instead of writing this, but it was an inspiration to watch. :)

Great work!


ill watch this whenever i get the thought of skipping preparing myself

twist ending

very good for being old

Really well done

This was real good, I gots exams comin up in school so really made me think more bout the possibilities of not bein prepared! Well done :D

Britty damn good!

I was a bit hesitant whether I should watch it at first but I am glad I did cause it is a really good piece of animation!