Reviews for "End of the Row"

Its well made

The loading screens shadowing was cool i liked some of the detailes like the tattered exam chair and the pictures on the wall. The hit on the head was nicely done liked how it made him think, I wish when i get hit on the head I get an aphinie and not a concussion. but hey to each their own i guess loved the aninmation and how well it all looked and the chairs where quite neat way of hinting the dream.

Great Animation

Great animation, hits home with me being a university student with Exams coming up, including two 3 hour ones :/
Animations were smoothe and music was good :D

Great Message, good story...

Like the title says you put forward a great message, but there are a few lose screws in the story structure. A bang in the head causes him to imagine what would happen if he didn't study? The story didn't drag me in that much, I kind of saw what was coming.

But overall the animation was really well done, some areas were more detailed than others. Some characters did have stiff movements but the main character moved pretty smoothly.

Sound was good, it fit into the atmosphere, the setting. Should of had some more voice acting than just laughing, short words. (yeah! f*ck, etc.)

Great message, good title. 8/10


good animating great art a lil low on the plot but overall great you could use a little more story in it as most people would agree but as i said fantastic

Nice animation, story is a bit boring.

Great animation, but the sory could use some more, action and/or comedy.
I loved it when the chair whiped himself clean for example