Reviews for "End of the Row"


I realy like thet one....i mean...it is so true

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Its good that you can relate to it =)


Great job on your concept of a typical procrastinating College student. I thought the chair was kind of neat, how it brushed away the beer. I don't understand why it wanted to kill him though. Unless it was a transformer in disguise...

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Yeah I had a bit of trouble with the story through out the porject, but I was just going for a dream sequence, i really should have pushed it to make it more outrageous and set up the why the chair doesnt like him a lot better. Overall the chairs represented his impending doom on his life maybe and his future.


Well, this piece of animation is masterful and for some reason, before I even opened the movie, I knew it was going to be good. What a treat at 4:30 in the morning!

Your use of emotion is outstanding. The effect you used for him not studying and throwing a party instead was very good. The idea of having chairs come to life at times was a cool and unexpected effect and making it all a dream from hitting his head was a great twist. The opening was also a great entrance to this modern life fairy tale.

The obvious detail you put into this was incredible. Many Flash artists can learn a lot just by watching this film.

The music you used was excellent as well. Though I know it was original I can't help but be reminded of the sound track from "Blade Runner" when I hear it.

Just an excellent film on all fronts. Well done!

Andrew-Buckley responds:

4:30 good effort ... Thanks! The composer would be glad to hear that comment im sure.

that was great!

i like the animating style and the point.. =)

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thank you for the first review, im glad you liked it.