Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


jealousy is weak, just because egoraptor made some badass flashes that people love and has a larger fan base then you don't gotta be a dick to him

There should...

Be a 2 hour rant about Video game, T.v. show and movie errors and failures.

Could be funnier

Needs a script. It just sounded like you animated a rant. If you made that "I ate a mushroom..." part smaller and made more jokes about the odd faces and random picture jumps around the screen, possibly it could be a 3. Also, call it AWESOMEraptor, since you don't seem to be making fun of anyone else. mostly a fail, try again.


I don't even understand what the F ing hell your saying, It's just rapid mouth movement with random characters, saying things that dont or ever will make sense!


Don't make a flash to blam the guy who inspired it..