Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

Oh man

So many people here man.
So many people right here man.
So many people, so mad.


I think this just made me like egoraptor more


Why in the world would you go about bashing Egoraptor for? What he makes is funny and entertaining, and he is one of the most popular animators on Newgrounds. I'm just wondering how this video even made it onto Newgrounds since its current point score is hardly even existant and all it does is trash talk people. The video itself is abusive beyond what anyone could possibly post in a review. It deserves the 0/5 and 0/10 I'm giving it.


This is possibly the worst thing i've ever seen.
It's not even about defending the 'popular' person you're bitching about, it's just really shitty.

You recorded yourself talking (most of which repeating "like") and kept the long pauses in your animation?
A flapping mouth over unrelated pictures and this is what you offer as your rebuttal?
As it's been said, this is for a blog, not Newgrounds.


at first i actually hated it but i came back and watched it and it's actually hilarious