Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

This flash is STILL made of fail and BAWWWWWW.
Especially the part where you whine to your one fan to report everyone who tells the truth because you're a little bitch who can't take the heat.

"Anyone who likes egoraptor has no taste whatsoever" well...you just kind of instantly cancelled out your own argument with that sentence didnt you?... tell you what tho, make an animation for us, im not the type to throw abuse at someone whos skills i dont know, so prove yourself, make some sort of useful, enjoyable media thats any better than any of egos stuff, if you can? fair do's, youll have an argument to stand on...untill then you just look like someone whos jelly of arins success, because at the end of the day, animation is animation, and at the standard of some of egos vids, it shows theres real effort being done their, hes one of the few internet based animators that doesnt use lipsink keyframes and nothing else, so to say the quality is poor? from an educated opinion thats just simply not true at all.

and on a matter of his game reviews...its subjective man, i understand if you dissagree with some of his opinions, but that doesnt cancel out any validity to the guys personal opinion, i disagree with some of arins views, i find his burning love of megaman to be outstandlingly hypocritical of how he always goes on about "how modern video games sequels are all rehashed copies of the previous installments" sometimes i think alot of his views come from a refusal to make changes to 80s+ video game design, but i dont think hes terrible for it, i still hold his opinion in good reguard because in an industry thats loosing more soul and character with every passing day, he's shown that he is genuinly passionate, more so than many actual game devs...

im not telling you to like the guy, im just saying, give hate where hate is deserved...not on some guy who makes cartoons on the internet and likes to explore his passion for video games once in a while...

Yawn, I've seen much better attempts at criticizing people. You should have done a parody of his works instead of your boring talking. Not gonna rage much since that's apparently why you uploaded this.

I like Ego, and I like this "parody" of his work.

I understand that you're angry at Egoraptor because you personally don't like his style, and I applaud the fact that you went through the effort to create something to express that. However, I must rate it fairly. The animation isn't that great, and the voice acting leaves a bit to be desired. I do realize that this may be intentional to mock Egoraptor's style, though. As I see that your other animations have better animation and acting. So once again, I reiterate: You deserve props for doing something that most of the NG community wouldn't. You've publicly scorned Egoraptor. How effectively, I'm not sure. But you made the effort. And for that, sir, you have my respect.