Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


I must say, every point is actually spot on especially when it comes to emoraptor. I think what's more entertaining than the flash itself is the reviews. All these little idiots and stuck up fan-boys call this crap and use the "jelousy" all the time when their little artists get criticized.

News flash dipshits, this is SATIRE. Seriously, people can be stupid sometimes to a certain extent. The bad graphics and sounds here are purposely done to imitate Emoraptor well, which I must say actually is quite better than emoraptor's as well. All these fans writing the most stupid reviews gave me a good laugh, and seriously, you all should stop sticking your dicks into every orafice of Emoraptor because he's not even half good... all he does is rip off video games and use family guy jokes to make money off you idiots. I think the only thing I respect from Emoraptor is that he actually does in fact use framebyframe, and even if he is a sellout, well at least he does in fact make money and it WORKS. I would do the same, but at the same time wouldn't kiss my fan's asses and make a million awesome series.

Funny thing is during the MGA2 thing he did, he said he wanted to stay away from it and make original stuff. What happens next? awesome gaiden. hurray... and then he promised to make a DVD of his flashes, guess what happens? The Ad system comes to make more money, and he doesn't release them.

I call him eMoraptor cause I remember one time he got really jealous of rtil's flashes and started bitching at him for stupid shit. So much for down to earth...

Goes to show that Emoraptor is no different than Miley Cyrus or John Cena, he goes for the younger audience because their the easiest and popular range to get easily entertained and get money from.

That is all. Usually I would give this like, say... a 3 or 4, but its satire so it was purposely done, and the message does come across just fine.

Oh and by the way, this is actually more informational than all of emoraptor's flashes combined. Cause from what I have observed... Mushrooms do NOT make you grow bigger in real life!

I liked Pheonix(SP?) Wrong...

I think SOME of egoraptor is funny, because i find observational humor funny, but i agree that MOST of it IS just observations, talking fast, and swears. I bet your the kind of person who doesn't/wouldn't like something like porn either... cause porn is super popular and simple too.

This video was kind of... unneccsary. More of a blog type piece...
Score: Animation kinda sucked (-), it was long, (-), It had custom animation (+) sound was terrible (-) It sucked overall.
Final score of 1 and a half, rounded to 2


Apparently I have no taste whatsoever. Forget my other interests: just the fact that I find Egoraptor's animations funny is enough to make me lame.

"Poorly made flashes"? Are you kidding? First of all, he has a distinct art style that you missed. He, as this animation even says, has frame by frame animation, and he has an awesome sense of humor for his awesome videos.

My friend, I don't think *I'm* the one without taste, here.

Think about other's that make terrible flashes.

You should start hating on others like the Kitty Krew.

Its true

Ya it is.