Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


I wish I could make a keyboard face of how disappointed I am in this flash...but I can't.

Anyone who likes this flash of yours, has no taste

well, this is boring, nothing funny, and on top of all of that, the animation wasnt good at all, unlike egoraptors flash that has better animation quality , jokes, although sometimes his jokes aren't funny, but you dont have much to throw at egoraptor because you works arent any better

I disagree with you Ashford

True. Egoraptors works could be viewed as poor and just recycled jokes and swears but that is a bit of an overstatement. Pop-culture holds a lot of sway and nostalgia can beget amazing reviews. In fact, your popular videos are those in the Phoenix Wrong series. You didn't even animate those. Sure you edited them and did a great job, but try to be so nearsighted in you judgment. I appreciate your input and that fact that the quality of this video is meant to reflect that of Egoraptor's (his are WAY better). but that doesn't justify your claims.


so that's why you do so many sprite flashes

how dare you?

This is wrong. You are entitled to your opinion, but to make an entire submission (that's nowhere near egoraptor's greatness) is just insulting and crazy! Plus, who are you to talk about submissions based on video games? Half of your submissions are Phoenix Wright based!