Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

Just... Just wow...

If I could give this a negative 10 I would. Ego raptor is a great artist, ifyou ever looked at his art, and his flash animations are genius to say the least. I know not everyone feels this way but Seriously... the guy puts alot of effort into his work, just because it doesnt look like pure genius and perfect doesnt mean its bad.

Thats not even the real point, you tried to show some example of how bad he is at what he does by showin us this flash? Even if it was true that he failed as an artist and animator aswell as a comedian your pushin it a bit far man.

If you dont like him fine but give him credit where its definitely due. Dont go over board just because you dont like him very much. Hell, others did sort of the saem thing you did but in a jokin respectful way! They know his flaws but still love him.

Thank you, have a nice day.


i like how you call egoraptors flash poor when yours looks like its lacking any quality or effort whatsoever. even his earliest works have at least five times better animation then this does. ill give you a 1 for making me laugh at your miserable attempt to mock him.


kinda funny, i would agree wiht you on a few egoraptor cartoons but the majority of them are super funny.


Are you trying to hypnotize us?

Wow... really?

Dude, people have their own opinions. You can't just go around and shove your opinions down other people's throats. Seriously, it's not cool to rip on other people. His animations aren't just crappily thrown together. He actually takes time and consideration into his next flash, puts it together over a long time, and posts it. Seriously, you are not cool. This was just thrown together randomly, and you put no effort into it, or at least that's what I can tell. If you're going to make flash submissions, at least take your time.