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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

:D Great, marvelous

hey pseudo, im back. I've only gotten up to the Caniola Woods but it is very good. As useal the stupid humor is very good. Still love the NES/SNES graphics. Excellent variety of creatures so far. The first boss(Maurice?) took me just one try as well as the lake hag. As usal the music is very good and works very well with the time period and the surrondings. I think some items are slighly overpriced (Silver Ring 600 for +2 D as compared the Copper Ring 100 for +1 D). The action commands and abilites work very well as well.

Graphics: 8 SNES graphics can only get so good and i think your reaching the peak

Sound: 10 Great music and sound effects

Humor: 9 "A really hope Zombies don't invade this weekend. That woyld be
unexpected" lol

Violence: 7 You get to kill, right?

Interactivity: 8 Buttons to press and not much else

Yalortism:100000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000 (lol)

Great game pseudo. Good luck with Chapter 3

great game

its really fun and not too easy wich makes it just my kind of game.
and to help Arasario next to the skill it says wich it is and smite evil is a holy arts and thats why mardek cant learn cos he uses swordplay

proper RPG

none of this MMORPG stuff, just good old unadulterated 8 bit characters, lots of walking, and large amounts of text based story

and of course evey NPC is a crazy with totally random stuff to say

Great Game Doesn't Cover It

This isn't just a great game...it's an accomplishment. Incredible work. There are still a couple of bugs lurking around though--the main one I noticed is that one of the treasures in Social Fox's tomb comes up undefined. Also, for some reason, I've got trilobite keys 1 and 3, but not 2? Maybe that undefined treasure was it? I dunno. Anyway, extraordinary work!!!

Best flash rpg ever

I'm amazed at how huge the game is. It kinda reminds me of Pokemon :)

To the last reviewer...ever heard of the 'Map'? And by the time I got to the catacombs I had 4,000gold, so it really isn't that big of a problem...

Everything's perfect, bravo.