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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

Well done

but now, I'm having trouble with the first mission. All of the sudden, the monsters are much harder...

Mad game. Just mad.

You've got smarts dude , this game is so good. Cant wait for the other chapters! ..gahh gotta beat last boss. cant do it. TOO MANY CURSES. that bastard.

Anyway , 10/10. Great story line , Dialogue everything. Looking foward to seeing more of it.

1 Thing i will say whoever , i'm up to last boss i think. Wont say who it is. But seriously he is REALLY hard because of all his curses and haste. You can beat him obviously with level grinding. But that takes alot of the fun out of the game since it takes a decent amount of time to level.

However if this is the difficulty you wish to have remain with this game. it will keep hard rpger's like me and many others trying harder and harder to beat it. I'm just not looking forward to grinding it thats all :D

Much love Pseudolonewolf , good luck with your other chapters i hope this review was helpfull.

loved it. 10/10. 5/5. 12 hours and still going.

I did find 2 bugs and the reason why 1 happens....

1. the Back/cancel button (z) doesn't work when caps lock is on.

2. some reason when i fought maurice he had 13 (i counted) potions. I dont know if this is a bug since i killed him but just wanted to through that out there.

This game rules because it combines the best aspects of Adventure Quest, Final Fantasy V (that game RULES), and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Muriance should only have one potion, but apparently there was a bug that caused his 'used count' to be reset if you checked the status of anyone (causing the game to go away from the battle scene)...
I've fixed that in an update (which I've yet to upload), but it can be prevented by just not looking at anyone's status!


i loved the first chapter, and this one is even better, but the hero team is way too hard, could u , oh, i dont no, maybe, make them a little weaker? plz?plz??plz?!?!?PLEASE, IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!but anyway, it was good

Pseudolonewolf responds:

I hate that attitude...
"This is too hard! Instead of getting better myself, make it easier!"
Rather than taking the effort to improve themselves, most people would rather just complain and try to make the world change around them so they just don't have to try.
And this doesn't just apply to playing games, of course...

The Saviours aren't very difficult if you know what you're doing, anyway.

i love this game!!

Dude man this game is kickass i cant stop playing it! Damn you! lol keep up the kickass work!