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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

great game

i haven´t finished yet
i love these kind of games and played them a lot before when i was younger.
i wonder one thing thoug do you need to be in a certen lvl to learn difrent skills, if so you should write this in the help section and i the description of what abilities you can learn from a item.
it says i can learn smite evil from my sword but i can´t use that skill.

i will write in the forum as well if you don´t read this before a hole lot of other lads has written here, in another game i think it was 162 people writing over one night, now is that irretating so say.

Arasario out.

my new fav RPG

this game is ausom!!!!! i cant weight to see more from you. and it was so funny!!!! im still loling about some of the stuf. atleast a 11/10 bot i cant give that so....


the game is awesome except a problem,when i was fighting muriance after he used sleeping gas steele never woke up... so i died


amazing game! even in the top fifty, but not front paged....
kinda weird

Hey um....

Do you make your own music for this???

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Yes I did, and I'm rather proud of it, if I do say so myself!