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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

how do you get the bone slicer for zack in this game?anyone knows please show how to get it?

What started out in chapter 1 as an innocent story about two boys, gradually blossomed into this amazing piece of work. I was amazed at how this game played out. I was hooked from the graduation mission to defeating the final boss (of this chapter!). The only thing i can complain about is the lack of Character Items showing in battles on their equipped players, though I do understand that the generic looks of the characters are good as well. Overall, 4.5 stars, For amazing, nostalgic story, and also a lot of effort put in it. Good work!

i play this dean im dead

I started playing this just to see what could be done with flash RPG wise and didnt expect much at all. i was charmed initially by the sprites and old school gameplay, but there is something substantial in this game. the graphics are very old school and theres a charm to that. the gameplay is tight and the mechanics surprisingly well planned. it was very clever having the skills being learned from the weapons, and it rewarded you for sticking with your older sword instead of upgrading as soon as you found a new one. good pacing in that. the only thing i will criticize is the dialogue. i must emphasize that it needs some heavy editing, it is really too wordy and the more dramatic moments get deflated with the cheesy jokes, especially around a part where a certain important character dies. a little subtlety goes a long long way. overall this was very good, up there with some of my faves from the NES era. thanks for making this, and best of luck with future installments!