Reviews for "-Annihilation- SE"

hmm not bad

its not that bad man just the enimis only fire like two three shots no more than five so whats the deal man but still not bad and please comment on this so yea man


I've been looking forward to this one for along time!
Can't wait to see what happens in annihilation 2 and keep up the good work!!!
p.s: who give's a shit about putting a silencer on a 45 its madness!!!!

slipz10 responds:

No this is spartaa... Oh ok madness it is.


do all these char's have scoliosis or spineabifida?

slipz10 responds:

Skdfdogjnmfgmn vfgmdhjnsdfjkwhat?


i got lost mid-way and the fighting didnt seem to run as smooth as it could but thumbs up none the least

slipz10 responds:



Its very good but kinda short. Anyways, rock on! 4/5