Reviews for "-Annihilation- SE"

its okay but...

...you can't put a silencer on a magnum u tard oO
but the flash was okay i suppose

lots of violence

it was kl cause it was violent but the hunched heads where weird
keep up the good work
good weopons and killing ratio
guy died 2 times then brounght back to life kl
that guy died too kl

slipz10 responds:

That sounded noobish...


there a little too hunch backed heads need to be on top more the back almost towers the head

slipz10 responds:

At first i thought kai sprites were supposed to be hunched but then, no. Anyway thanks for the review.

I notice a ton of my blood..

It was better than I expected though. You've really gotta work on easing and realistic movements.
Good job.

slipz10 responds:

Thanks. I made a test earlier that had realistic movments.


nice and smooth animation and i love the reserection but... enemys didnt attack much so in your next animation can you make it that he uses the enemys as shields or the enemys miss some times or even a struggle for the wepon then he wins and other guy falls over and he shoots him... i like violence to much dont i? aw well this is becoming a really long review... short story... madness!

slipz10 responds:

Animating is very hard for me. But i'll promis you i will put gore.